Acute Surgical’s corporate as well as manufacturing units are located in Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat State, India.  Ahmedabad is the fifth largest city of India and has the best infrastructure in the country.  Gujarat is the most entrepreneurial and prosperous state with well educated business minded team with skilled employees which are readily available. The state is called Vibrant Gujarat and has shown immense promise in terms of industrial growth.

Our manufacturing unit occupies over 8000 sq ft with state of the art facilities.  The unit is on the outskirts of the city with very easy access to major highways and the city.  Its location is therefore ideal because it is secluded enough to be in a very clean environment yet is close enough for easy access.  The design of the unit and its surrounding walls has been made so as to minimize the amount of dust on the premises.

We have comprehensive guidelines in place to keep the entire manufacturing unit clean and hygienic at all times. Our overall setup will meet small to large quantity without compromising quality.